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Living room paint colors ideas..

Unique design for your needs:

Every structure, like every homeowner, is unique. As an artist, I approach each project as a new creative opportunity. I don't use fixed color palettes, because they can't express the individual nature of a place. I have never duplicated the same color plan for two different buildings. My personal attention to your needs, either meeting on site or working at a distance, is a guarantee that the results are of consistent excellence.

I provide a priceless experience of color:

As an architectural color consultant, I help people find the right colors in paint and materials, and show them how to use these to best advantage.My color designs bring enhanced value to any building, new or old. The sparkle of my artistry improves homes, businesses and communities.


For over Teen years, Art First Colors has provided exceptional services in color and design for homeowners, business owners, sacred spaces, community buildings, and all types of structures both historic and contemporary.

Interior, exterior, commercial, residential: I have a portfolio of gorgeous success photos and testimonials to share.

Thank you for exploring our successes and for considering how I might make your project a success!

About Mary McMurray:

Cool Shop’s technicians will make recommendations for you based on your needs and give you options of Creatrix of Art First Colors for Architecture, I delight in helping to preserve, adorn, and generally spiff-up all built structures.
A lifelong fascination with the power of color, a degree in Art and Art History from Cornell Univers ity and Mills College, and discriminating taste and experience enable me to provide the best color and design services to a respected clientele.


I save people time and money by getting the colors and material selections right, the first time. My clients consistently give Art First Colors an "A" rating on Angie's List.

Historic Properties:

For historic buildings, I can find the original paint colors, or create an historically correct color palette for interiors and exteriors.

The Decision:

When you need to make a change in your environment, or correct unsightly architectural faults, my consultations are efficient and reasonably priced. You will get:

  • an initial visit to the site
  • a consultation on the architectural considerations in your color and design choices
  • clarification of your color preferences and the mood you would like to create
  • color sample specifications for walls, ceiling, and trim
  • additional details for improvements in design


A sad Living Room, with forlornly pink tile around
the fireplace surrounded by a sea of pea green. We
redeemed it by balancing the tile color with the
correctly chosen mantel color and infusing new life
into the space with wall, ceiling and trim paint


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